Welcome to our website for the Limited Edition, Signed and Numbered, watercolor prints of California's 21 historic Spanish Missions.



While visiting California in 1996 from their home in Barcelona, Spain, popular European artists Antonio Miret and his wife, Maria Jose "Pepita" Gual, became fascinated by the history of the 21 Spanish Missions. They decided to preserve their memories in the way they new best. By painting them. They did 21 original paintings.

The 21originals have been reproduced in a Limited Edition of 500 prints on the same exquisite Tintoretto watercolor paper used for the originals. Antonio and Pepita personally Signed and Numbered each print. Also, a "Letter of Authenticity" from the famous Barcelona printer is included with each print. Click Here to print out a complete history of your favorite Mission.

In 1999 they donated the original paintings to the San Mateo County Historical Museum in California, where they are currently on display.

These exquisite prints will be available in galleries priced from $125 to $180.

The 21 prints are available exclusively on our website for a special internet price of $55 each plus S H. A complete 21 Print Set (1 print of each Mission) is specially priced at $945 plus S H.

Look at them NOW and select the ones that will add the most vibrant colors and story to your home or office walls.